Facilitate organizational alignment and business potential into a productive culture beyond current thinking.

Charles E. Oxford..

is dedicated to advising business owners, teams and inner company departments to make a difference in the effectiveness of their organizations.

Oxford is a former corporate executive with several aerospace companies for eighteen years with responsibilities ranging from Project Management to Regional Management and International Business and Marketing.

As a successful business owner...

for 13 years Oxford earned the “Business of the Year” award in 2011 from the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. His was the first automotive company to achieve this recognition in the history of the award.

Oxford has extensive experience in creating successful business cultures, systems and functional teams that achieve exceptional service-oriented work environments which accelerate business growth and profitability above industry norms.

As business owner...

Oxford lead the company from $300,000 in annual sales to $1.9million in annual sales. He created an excellent employee work environment and great customer service experiences for the clients. He attained top ratings on the internet and customer surveys.
  • Lead small division which was being considered for sale or shut down from $1.5 million in annual sales with 22 employees to $13 million in annual sales with 32 employees.
  • Accelerated delivery times from 4 weeks to 1-7 days. Creating a paradigm shift in the industry and clearly out performing competitors.
  • Managed a regional facility from $14 million in annual sales to $22 million in annual sales in three years.
  • Reduced inventory by 33% and created “Just in Time” delivery programs, reducing customers inventories by hundreds of thousand dollars per year.
  • Empowering organizations to transform and attract stellar employees and clients.

DISC Generation 2

Reason for DISC training or, maybe, add to mission statement:

1)      Motivated employees are more effective at connecting with clients.

2)   Transform your company communication.

3)      Build a stronger communication style that lowers conflict in your life.

4)      Develop a common language so we can better understand and communicate more effectively with the most important people around us.

Tapping into your genius

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